Individual Sessions with Dhyani are a time to GO DEEP with your personal intentions and to explore some of the subtle aspects of breath and movement that may not be well explored in a group setting.

Basics = Start off right. Learn the basics from an expert. Flexibility is one aspect of asana practice. And asana practice is just one aspect of Yoga. Learn pranayama (breathwork), netra vyayamam (eye momevents), bhakti (chanting), asana (posture), dharana (mindfulness), dhyana (meditation).

Yoga Efficacy through Breath Coaching & Alignment = Ever wonder why you have trouble with one breath for one movement, run out of breath, or hold your breath in Yoga? This will give you clarity. Dhyani will put your practice in slow motion and breakdown the breathing pattern to see if it’s working for you and how we can create an experience of joy and freedom in your yoga through efficient breathing. It’s about timing of the breath and your relationship to stressful situtations…. more about Breath Coaching

Therapeutic Yogaa dynamic combination of Hatha, Restorative, and Gentle Yoga with healing touch for chronic pain conditions, recovery from injury, back tension, carpal tunnel, slouching, and anxiety/lethargy.

Restorative Yoga and Chakra balancingThese sessions are more passive with the use of props and bolsters to support the body for release of muscular gripping. I use healing touch, pressure, and essential oils depending on your situation. If a particular chakra or energy center needs attention, the session will take that shape and if you are willing to share bits of your story, you’ll receive chakra affirmations according to what challenges you face in your life.

Family Yoga = Get the kids into it! Storytelling, imagination, music, games, and mandala coloring. 

Each session is 75 minutes long and takes place at your home, office, or park. I have some daytime slots available at Integral Yoga Institute 227 West 13th Street.

Private Sessions with Dhyani